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The Data Center: Driving the New Digital Services Economy

The digital economy is driving a virtuous cycle where connected devices and cloud-powered services are generating data and insights from that data are driving further innovation, releasing new services and businesses back into the world. More than ever before, the data center is the engine that will enable your organization to stay ahead in an ever-changing business environment and make the kind of impact that can change the world.

Modern data centers are rapidly moving toward software-defined infrastructure (SDI) as the next-generation foundation for dynamic and agile IT operations. Intel® technology—spanning software, processor, storage, I/O, and networking solutions—combined with a massive ecosystem of solution partners, is helping transform today’s data center into the New Center of Possibility for every business. From big data analytics to cloud-powered innovation and network transformation, find out how building the data center with SDI can help your business thrive.


Today, businesses need technology investments in the data center to drive impactful outcomes: faster IT services, nimble response times, and flexible solutions that balance the desire for greater agility, automation, and efficiency with the need for on-domain control of strategic assets. Cloud architecture enabled by software-defined infrastructure provides a future-ready foundation that can deliver on-premises cloud applications, manage legacy workloads efficiently, and scale to seamlessly integrate with hybrid clouds as needed.

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The quicker you are able to get meaningful insights from your data, the faster you can create value for your enterprise—new revenue opportunities, improved customer service, or more effective marketing. Intel has a broad technology portfolio to meet the most demanding analytics workloads and is working across the industry to make analytics deployment easier, so you can realize faster time-to-value with your data.

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The growth of the digital services economy is spurring a move toward cloud-ready, open standards–based architectures. Intel is accelerating the shift to cloud-ready network architectures by leading ecosystem alignment around rapid delivery of standards-based solutions for software-defined, virtualized networks. By supporting network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN), Intel solutions help you transition to an adaptable, intelligent infrastructure where network functions reside within virtual machines, are managed by centralized controllers, and are dynamically provisioned through software orchestration.

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